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In order to solve the mechanical equipment in the high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and shock vibration lubrication, the choice of oil-free self-lubricating FAG bearings. [Details]

The main types of rolling bearings and Code

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First, the main types of rolling bearings , performance and features
According to the shape of the rolling elements , bearings can be divided into ball bearings and roller bearings.
At a contact angle can bear the load size and the direction of the bearing can be divided into :
1 , radial bearings :
Nominal contact angle : 0 ° 45 °, radial bearings can be broken down as follows:
A, radial contact bearings : = 0 °, only radial load ( such as cylindrical roller bearings ) , or mainly used to bear radial load, but also can withstand a small amount of axial load ( such as deep groove ball bearings ) ;
B, the angular contact bearings : 0 ° <45 °, can withstand radial and axial load unidirectional ( eg angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings ) .
2 , thrust bearings:
Nominal contact angle : 45 ° <90 °, the thrust bearing can be broken down as follows:
A, Axial contact bearings : = 90 °, only for axial load ;
B, Axial angular contact bearings : 45 ° << 90 ° major bear large axial load, also can withstand small radial load.
Performance by automatically aligning bearings can be divided into self-aligning bearing and non- self-aligning bearings.
Many types of roller bearings , now the performance and characteristics of the most common types of rolling bearings for a brief introduction , the other as shown in Table 9-1 .
1 , tapered roller bearings ( Figure 9-3a)
Able to withstand greater radial load and axial load unidirectional, lower speed limit. Separable inner and outer rings , the bearing clearance can be adjusted at the time of installation , usually in pairs, symmetrically . Not suitable for high speed , good rigidity occasion axis.




The main radial load, but also to support a small amount of two-way axial load, while working inside and outside the permitted deflection coil axis 8 'to 16'. Friction is small, extreme high speed, simple structure, low price, the most widely used. However, less able to withstand shock loads. Suitable for high speeds, at high speed, it may instead thrust ball bearings. 
3, the thrust ball bearing (Figure 9-3c, d) 
Thrust ball bearing rings and rolling elements are mostly separable. There are one-way and two-way points. 
Thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load, bore two rings are not as large as the inner diameter of the smaller circle is tight, and the shaft with, the larger the hole is loose circle, and fixed base together. Lower speed limit for low speed axial force and the occasion. 
Thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load, in the middle of the ferrule is tight circle, and the shaft with the other two circles of loose circle. High speed, the centrifugal force big ball and cage severe fever due to friction, low life expectancy. Commonly used in the axial load, speed is not high.



4, cylindrical roller bearings (Figure 9-3e) 
Only radial load, can not withstand axial load. Load carrying capacity than the same size ball bearing large, especially strong ability to withstand shock loads, higher speed limit.



5, self-aligning ball bearings (Figure 9-3f) 
Used to bear radial load, but also can withstand a small amount of two-way axial load. Outer ring raceway is spherical, with a self-aligning, inner and outer ring axis relative deflection allowed 0.5 ° ~ 2 °, suitable for multi-pivot axis, a small bending stiffness of the shaft and the difficulty in accurately to support.



6, the needle bearing (9-3g, h) 
Such a large number of needle roller bearings for rolling, generally no cage. Radial structure is compact and strong radial load capacity, low prices. The disadvantage is that not withstand axial load, low friction between the needle rotation accuracy and speed limit, when allowed to work within the outer ring has a skewed axis. Commonly used in low speed and the radial dimension restricted occasions.



6, spherical roller thrust bearings (Figure 9-3i) 
Can bear large axial load and a certain radial loads. A drum-shaped roller, spherical outer ring raceway can be self-aligning, allowing axis deflection 2 ° ~ 3 °, high speed comparable thrust ball bearings, commonly used in turbine shaft and crane turntable.



7, angular contact ball bearings (Figure 9-3j) 
Can withstand the radial load and axial load unidirectional, nominal contact angle α has 15 °, 25 °, 40 ° three. α greater the axial load capacity is greater. Usually used in pairs, symmetrically. The higher speed limit. Suitable for high speed, both radial and axial loads occasions.


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