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In order to solve the mechanical equipment in the high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and shock vibration lubrication, the choice of oil-free self-lubricating FAG bearings. [Details]

Angular contact ball bearing effect on the use of the check

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    Machine shaft parts, especially the spindle , the general thrust ball bearings are assembled into one, and a high speed of rotation , and sometimes it will produce a very high heat. This phenomenon if not removed , will cause angular contact ball bearings overheating , and to the corresponding parts of the machine to produce thermal deformation temperature , causes severe spindle and tailstock is not high , which not only affects the accuracy and precision machine itself and bearing will burn .
     Rating fatigue life , refers to a group of the same type of bearing , operating under the same conditions , 90 % of the angular contact ball bearings from falling off the total number of revolutions caused by the rolling fatigue occurs . At constant speed , multi- rated fatigue life is represented with a total running time .
In examining the thrust ball bearing life , not only consider the fatigue life, but also according to the bearing should have the performance, integrated use of several limits to consider. For example , greased bearing grease life. Noise life, abrasion life, etc. , depending on the purpose , use the reference limits vary, therefore , most of the experience of pre-selected limits .
     Therefore, only the angular contact ball bearing damage survey , it is difficult to know the real cause of injury. However , if you know the use of machinery, conditions of use, bearing thrust ball bearing structure around , to understand the situation before and after the accident , combined with state of the bearing damage , and several reasons, we can prevent similar incidents from recurring.
     Angular contact ball bearings are available in judgment, mainly on account of the extent of bearing damage , mechanical properties, the importance of operating conditions to be determined during the next overhaul . If you have the following defects can no longer use , must be replaced with new thrust ball bearings. Inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements of any cracks or gaps on the holder .
     Wear failure is one of the kinds of bearings common failure mode, press the wear is usually divided into the most common form of abrasive wear and adhesive wear .
1 film resistors diagnostic techniques
    Features: different working conditions can use the same criteria . Of flaking , abnormal diagnostic results indentation, cracks worse.
    Applications: suitable for rotary axes exposed occasions.
2 vibration diagnostic techniques
    Features : Vibration diagnostic technique widely used ; enables online monitoring ; diagnosis faster diagnosis theory has matured.
    Applications: especially suitable for rotating machinery angular contact ball bearing fault monitoring .
3 Ferrography diagnostic techniques
    Features : Machine without disintegration ; low investment , good effect ; able to find oil- bearing early fatigue failure ; mechanism do wear.
    Applications: suitable for fault diagnosis lubricating angular contact ball bearings with grease lubricated bearings for the more difficult .
4 . Temperature diagnostic techniques
    Features : Diagnostic simple ; judgment of the bearing burn better.
    Applications: for simple routine diagnostic machine bearings .
5 Optical Monitoring diagnostic techniques
    Features: optical fiber displacement sensor with high sensitivity ; never oil bearing surface extraction direct signal to improve the signal to noise ratio ; may be a direct reflection of angular contact ball bearing manufacturing quality , surface wear , load, lubrication and clearance situation .
    Applications: apply to the sensor can be installed in the bearing machine.
6 . Acoustic emission diagnostic techniques
    Features: diagnostic fast, simple ; online monitoring .
    Applications: In recent years the development of new technologies , in bearing condition monitoring applications less .
    Direct hand when handling oil- bearing , to fully wash hands sweat , and coated with high-quality mineral oil before operation, during the rainy season and summer with particular attention to rust. In some special operating conditions , angular contact ball bearings can be obtained in a longer life of traditional computing, in particular under light-load conditions. These special operating conditions is that when the rolling surface ( track and rolling elements ) are effectively separated and limit pollutants may cause damage to the surface of a lubricant film . In fact, under ideal conditions , the so-called permanent bearing life is possible
    Does not allow a strong punch , does not allow direct bearing with a hammer percussion allowed to pass through the rolling pressure .
     A rotational angular contact ball bearings , inner and outer ring raceway surface , because the rolling contact with the rolling body is so dark surface running track , running track attached to the raceway surface is not abnormal , which can be learned load conditions , so the demolition of non-oil bearing , please pay attention and observe strict raceway running track.

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