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In order to solve the mechanical equipment in the high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and shock vibration lubrication, the choice of oil-free self-lubricating FAG bearings. [Details]

FAG bearings Crossed roller bearings use

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     FAG cross roller bearings, roller between their inner and outer wheel intervals intersect at right angles to each other arranged. They can withstand the load from all directions (eg axial thrust load, or momentum, etc.). Due to the roller surface contact with the rail into the status quo, therefore, FAG bearings elastically deformed by the possibility of a small load. FAG Bearings of this type are widely used in industrial automation, such as robots, machine tools and medical facilities, etc., need high rigidity, close and high-speed still ensuring accurate of occasions.

     In cross roller bearings FAG, because cylindrical roller at 90 ° to the V-shaped groove raceway is vertically aligned with each other by a spacer retainer, so a cross roller bearings can bear radial load, axial loads in all directions and moment loads and so on. Minimum size of inner and outer rings are miniaturized, especially thin style is close to the limit of small size, and high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial or rotating joints Ministry of robots, the rotary table machining centers use manipulator rotating part, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, meters, IC manufacturing equipment and the like.

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